Interior design coaching

elke neumeyer

Interior Design Coach &

Owner of Neumeyer Design


We believe in simply guiding you and having you do some of the work yourself. That way we ensure that you have maximum control of the design process, feel ownership of the design and that the space truly reflects your personality. All while looking professionally designed. 


We know you have many skills. So we let you do the parts of the project you feel comfortable with and only help you, when you get stuck. That's the beauty of coaching!

coaching VISION

We specialize in providing expert opinion, inspiration, advice and support as needed during the design process. We help you in narrowing down choices and ensuring proper decisions. You would be surprised how much we can help in a single hour!


We got it. With over 15 years experience in Interior Design we feel confident, we can find a solution to any design dilemmas we may come across. 

About Neumeyer Design

I am a Design Coach.  And just like any good coach, I will help you to crystallize your thinking, help you focus and bring out the best in you. I believe that many people have a great understanding of style and know what they like, but they lack confidence in their choices. Many also struggle with the fundamental principles of design because nobody ever taught them! I change all that... I will teach you how design is about creating functionality, selecting focal points, up-playing the positive aspects, down-playing the negative ones and creating a sense of style, balance and proportion."

Like what you see?

view my portfolio. Then, let me COACH you to make your design a reality.