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Interior design coaching


What is Interior Design Coaching? 

Your design needs have changed over the last decade and most interior designers have not accepted that change and modified their approach. Ten or fifteen years ago you had to hire an interior designer to find out about specialty items and order custom finishes and furniture. But now, with the help of google, you don't need a designer to find products. You know where and how to shop for anything. These days consumers and designers have virtually the same resources available to them. So, if finding products is no longer an issue, what is? 

Now the design issues seem to be centered around specifics such as:

  • Creating flow throughout an open floor plan space
  • Dealing with challenging spatial situations unique to you
  • Being overwhelmed by the amount of choices available
  • Selecting paint colors and countertops
  • Knowing that you want to renovate, but not being sure where to start, where to stop and where to spend the 'big bucks'
  • Creating a specific design style or reflecting a certain lifestyle
  • Not agreeing with your spouse on the direction of the design

Many of you already have a great sense of style, know where you like to shop and know what you want. You just need some guidance in making the right choices and actually pulling the design together. So, by not utilizing a designer for the work you can do yourself, such a finding products, you will dramatically decrease the amount of design time spent. And that saves you on hourly fees without sacrificing quality! 

With our Interior Design Coaching we will help you to: 

  • Explore design ideas and crystallize thinking
  • Find solutions for specific design problems
  • Help with editing and narrowing down choices
  • Develop clients confidence in their own design ideas
  • Coordinate finishes and materials
  • Empower clients to carry their projects forward
  • Provide expertise whenever issues arise

At Neumeyer Design we believe, that by simply coaching you through the design process, you will feel ownership of the design and will know that the space truly reflects your personality and vision.  All while looking professionally designed. 

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